Wickman UK Increases Machine Portfolio with Mori-Say CNC Multispindle Machines

November 2010

Wickman UK is pleased to announce their association and exclusive representation for the MORI-SAY range of CNC MULTISPINDLE MACHINES for the UK and Ireland.

The Mori-Say range of CNC multispindle machines are manufactured by the Tajmac Group. The Tajmac Group are also the owners of Wickman so you can be reassured that you are dealing directly with the manufacturer that understands and supports the product and not going through a 3rd party that inflate the price. There are no hidden costs!!!

Wickman has been manufacturing multispindle machines for over 85 years and has sold and installed over 15,000 worldwide. The Wickman range covers cam operated machines upto 15 Axis CNC machines using SIEMENS 840D control. The Mori-Say range offers you the complete CNC solution offering you up to 72 CNC controllable axes also using the SIEMENS 840D control. The Mori-Say range covers the range from 20mm to 72mm bar diameter.

This versatile machine performs nearly every metalcutting operation on precision parts from drilling, tapping, milling, spline gears, broaching and hobbing. Manufactured with a cast iron base, these range of machines are extremely rigid and combined with the highest spindle torque in the industry. The stable Mori-Say multispindle can handle difficult materials with great precision.

The Mori-Say multispindle offers high processing flexibility and fast changeover with the ability to drop a variety of complex precision parts complete as either a bar fed or chucker operation.

Over the last 5 years, high precision, high volume parts is increasingly being handled by CNC multispindle machines, which offers you the advantage of quick cycle times, the precision of a single spindle turning centre, and rapid changeover to handle a wide range of complex parts.

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