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Attachment & Toolholders

The comprehensive range of Wickman multi spindle attachments adds many additional machining facilities to the already versatile and flexible multi-spindle automatic. Each attachment used during the manufacture of a component can obviate the need for a second operation machine and therefore help reduce costly manpower and space.

Wickman carry in stock all your NEW, REBUILT and USED multi spindle attachments.

  • Pick Up & Back Burr, Position 3 & 6
  • Full Threading Position 5 & 6
  • Flat Generating/Thread Milling
  • Thread Chasing
  • Broaching Attachment
  • Ramp Recessing
  • Ramp Milling
  • Synchronous Slotting
  • High Speed Drilling
  • Bracket Toolholders
  • Dovetail Toolholders
  • CNC Slide attachments
  • U Axis

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