About Wickman

About Wickman

Wickman is a global supplier and manufacturer of multispindle lathes, designed to produce medium and large volumes of extremely precise, high quality components. Wickman’s services and sales network extends to all parts of the world, with offices based in the UK, Brazil, USA, China & India.

Wickman’s key industries: automotive, aerospace, defence, agriculture, hydraulic, white goods, electronics, oil and gas.

Wickman manufactures multispindle lathes with CNC, servo or PLC control, capable of turning components from 5mm up to 82mm diameter.

In 2000, when Owen Coyne and Chris Barrett took over Wickman, they revitalised a brand with a long tradition of excellence. Since the 1930s, Wickman had been known for producing quality multispindle lathes with a forty or fifty years lifespan. Aftercare and service are fundamental aspects of the Wickman approach, demonstrated through continually providing spares for machines it originally made many decades ago.

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    Why Choose Wickman?

    As well as manufacturing world-renowned multispindle lathes, Wickman Group also provides products and services from their associated companies – Mori-say CNC multispindle lathes and turning machines, Manurhin CNC sliding head machines and Cucchi BLT.

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    Customer-focused company

    The Wickman Group is a customer-focused and driven business. They offer solutions that increase efficiency and productivity for their customers and always aim for affordable technical solutions so that they can give their customers a great deal!

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    A global company

    Wickman sales, service and technical support are recognised to be the best in the world. Selling a machine is only part of the process; every sale comes with a commitment to their customers. They are proud to build long term business relationships with their customers worldwide and give them all the support that they can.

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    A company that understands

    From an operational point of view, Wickman guarantees maximum flexibility in terms of costs and needs of all their customers both old and new. Wickman tailors machines to suit the buyer’s specific requirements; they understand the importance of customer service.

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    A sustainable and successful company

    Over the last 12 years, Wickman has extended their product range, developed their global services and support system and invested in a focused, successful team. Wickman are proud to be the leading global supplier of high quality and affordable machinery to the turned parts industry.

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