Whenever you need us, just call

24 May 2016

At Wickman, we don’t believe that selling a piece of equipment is the end of the story. Even though we’ll make sure that everything is perfect when we leave, we won’t be walking away completely. Our support is there whenever you need it. And if that’s five minutes post sale, five months, five years or five decades, we won’t mind.  We’ll get you sorted.

Our engineers are just that – engineers first and foremost with a fascination with machinery and machining that makes them a real asset not just our organisation but to yours too. We can help with all sorts of issues, from queries about lathe set up and operation to the best way to handle feedstock and the difficulties of machining a complex component or a new material. We can run training sessions, work with you on machine-shop layout and workflow. We can service your machines either as a one-off exercise or as part of a programme of scheduled maintenance. We can advise on and implement modifications, plan for upgrades or necessary repairs, and we can help source the right equipment to handle new projects or changed priorities.

Wickman do sell lathes, and the ones we sell are reliable and robust, but we’re in business to do more than that. We’ve got the expertise, the know-how and the experience to keep your machining operation running and to help it run more efficiently.

We don’t grumble when there’s a service call, we leap into action because solving problems and fixing things gives us a buzz. Even if you think the issue is trivial or ‘not worth bothering about’ call us. Helping you out will make us both happy. Keep our number handy, we’re on +44 (0)2476 547900. If there’s nothing you need our help with you can always call us to say hello.