Cucchi BLT – the best partner for bar loaders

23 May 2016

At Wickman, one of the things we find really inspiring is the chance to work alongside engineers who share our passion for machinery and for solving problems. One of the companies that best exemplifies this approach is Cucchi BLT, an Italian business which specialises in bar loaders.

We’ve been privileged to see the Cucchi BLT team in action and to witness their innovative solutions in operation. To us, it’s no surprise that more and more single and multi-spindle lathes are now incorporating Cucchi BLT’s advanced technology.

Cucchi BLT has recruited many of Europe’s brightest minds to drive forward its business and is now a global supplier dedicated to custom solutions that keep production flowing in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner. If you’d like to see Cucchi BLT’s bar loaders in action, get in touch:

Email or call 02476 547 900 and we’ll get a reply to you as soon as we can.