Turning Pages – April/May 2018

1 May 2018

We are always hearing that technology is the future. it’s almost impossible to talk business without speculating on progress, it’s pace and direction. Now, we’re dealing with the fourth industrial revolution where the rate of change is faster than ever and the potential for disruption is huge.
Disruptive or not, the truly connected global economy is coming. Businesses and governments around the world are working out the safeguards they need and implementing regulations like GDPR. But for all this, and for all the transactional processing ease and automated precision that technology brings, it will never replace the human element.
We might be fascinated by things like robotics and AI, but as a species, we’re still a long way from redundancy. We thrive on personal interactions, on partnerships and collaboration. Indeed, it’s our shared enthusiasm for advanced technology, for new ideas and exploration that is driving change.
Enjoy exploring our latest edition of Turning Pages.

Chris Barrett and Owen Coyne

Turning Pages – April_May 2018