Why Wickman? Where do you want us to begin?

Firstly – we’re the original manufacturers. Not only do we know the history of all our machines, but we understand the thinking behind the design: every little nuance, every little adjustment, and every nut, bolt and screw. We know the components we’ve used and how to get the very best out of our lathes. It’s inside-out knowledge. It’s front to back knowledge, top to bottom knowledge and you can’t beat that. You really can’t.

Secondly – we care. We built it and it’s our baby. We’ll do whatever we can to look after it and to ensure it works for you.

Thirdly – we’re dedicated. Unlike a dealer trading machines for a quick profit, we’re involved. When you buy Wickman, you’re investing in quality engineering and a whole philosophy. We won’t sell you something that won’t suit your needs and when you’ve acquired a Wickman machine, we’ll support it, and you, throughout its long, productive life.