Practical help for the automobile sector

We’re sure that you’ve thought long and hard about your business’s future now that the end of automobile production in Australia is a reality rather than a gloomy prediction. The global market we operate in will always dominate, and government attempts to support a sector can only ever be a short-term measure. Of course, that doesn’t mean that these aren’t very difficult times for every individual affected and for those businesses which are restructuring, scaling back operations or faced with realising their assets.

We’d like to offer our assistance if this is the route you’re taking. Wickman has worldwide networks, and we serve those parts of the world where quality used lathes are still very much in demand. It’s not a pleasant situation, but the truth is that your surplus assets could become another manufacturer’s new resource. We have extensive experience in plant disposal, know where the buyers are and what the market needs now. We know how to rebuild and refurbish and how you can gain the maximum value for any machinery you no longer need.

In early October of this year, (1st to the 5th ) I’ll be travelling to Australia. The visit will provide an ideal opportunity for us to meet for anything from a confidential discussion about your plans, through to valuation of your assets or even outright purchase.

Of course, we can always talk on the phone, but if you’d like to make an appointment for a visit while I’m in the country, send an email to and we’ll get it sorted.