New Investment in Technical Department

Tech teamA recent investment totalling over £40,000 into CREO (Pro Engineer) software along with drawing database DDM (Design Data Manager) software and new supporting hardware, signals Wickman’s intentions for the future.

New recruits Jim Adams (Software Developer) and  Andrew Clarke (Machine Tool Designer)  have joined Joe Ferrara’s Technical department to work alongside Wickman’s stalwart Martin Jeys, Wally Tipson, Tim Kirby, Dan Lilley and Ken Steane.

This team has been put together in order to enable us to respond efficiently to customer requirements and provide the high quality service that our customers deserve.

Wickman fireThis is an incredible achievement for Wickman, when looking back to the 1950’s things could have been so different. Damage caused by an unexpected fire left Wickman in a very vulnerable position. Before the fire, Wickman Limited was very stable but when the fire broke out and destroyed a lot of the companies resources, Wickman as a brand could have literally “crashed and burned”, however, with an excellent management team and an amazing workforce, everyone pulled together to salvage drawings, sales correspondence and accounts records. With a large number of draughtsmen and tracers, filing clerks and print machine operators throughout the years of 1934-1990, Wickman managed to survive and continue to strive for success.

It was not until later, that major issues occurred, particularly during the 80’s that made it hard for Wickman to be where it is today. Wickman had become much smaller due to cut down of jobs and management problems. Wickman had entered a situation where the technical team consisted of just one person. By the time Directors Chris Barrett and Owen Coyne joined the company, they had a difficult job on their hands with their main focus being to help the company grow once more at a steady pace and keep costs low, which proved successful, particularly throughout the period of the recession.

Today, Joe Ferrara states that “we are building our future as a specialist machine tool builder; we are now producing engineered solutions that are often customer specific”. Wickman Coventry Limited is now back into machine tool designing and building after overcoming the initial damage in 1952 , and the events that took place in the years that followed.

For more information about the technical team, contact Joe Ferrara.