Meet the men behind the machines at PMTS 2019


Wickman, the global success story in multispindle screw machines, is inviting visitors to PMTS to meet key members of the team. It’s an opportunity to explore Wickman’s technology with those responsible for building and servicing it – both in the US and in the UK.

Bruce Renwick is an engineer with three decades of screw machine experience and he’ll be joined by Technician Dan Lilley in helping the event’s delegates get a better understanding of the features and benefits of Wickman’s crossover ACW CNC screw machines.

Jeremy Rose, Wickman USA President said, “Often the focus is on sales when people are invited to look at machinery, but we recognise that our machines are the product and the tools of engineers, not salesmen. Those who know our machines best are those who build them, and who better to demonstrate their quality and potential?”

The machine on show will be the ACW 6-44 CNC which is a workhorse, known for longevity and easy maintenance but which is also very affordable, especially when its contribution to improving efficiency is considered. Jeremy Rose again: “These machines nail the accuracy, but they are also quick to set and have rapid cycle times.”

The ACW range, which has capacities from 1” up to 3 ¼”, is tried and tested, with mechanical slides in the lower stations and CNC in the upper stations. The result is a versatile machine, with simple programming, advanced control and the strength to cope with machining difficult materials.

Joining Bruce, Dan and Jeremy at PMTS will be Chris Barrett, Wickman UK’s Managing Director, who is looking forward to getting into the detail of what makes Wickman’s machinery a worldwide success. “Our machinery is known for long-term reliability and performance. Wherever I go, I hear engineers praising early generation Wickman lathes, often machines that are still in use. At PMTS, visiting engineers will be able to chat with our technicians about the design and the build quality that makes all our machines, old and new, so special.”

Join us on stand 1012.