Local MP Visits Wickman Coventry

Coventry’s Local MP Mr. Jim Cunningham took a visit to Binley in November 2012, to meet our Managing Director Chris Barrett at Wickman Coventry Ltd.

Chris Barrett & Jim Cunningham

Coventry MP Jim Cunningham meets Wickman Director Chris Barrett

Mr. Cunningham was very interested to learn how Wickman had overcome the struggle in the 80’s without aid from the Government which lead to a decline; he was fascinated by our factory and the process Wickman multispindle lathe machines undergo and all the hard work that is put into the planning, designing and producing of the equipment.

Mr. Cunningham was also pleased to find out that today, we are continuing to invest in the future by employing apprentices amongst an increasing growth in manning levels, ploughing money in to technology and expanding globally in to new territories, which has made us very successful in the exporting market.

A reassuring visit for all involved.