Visit to Wickman reveals interesting machine application

Last spring at PMTS, Chris Koepfer Editor in Chief of Production Machining Magazine met with Jeremy Rose, who heads up the U.S. operation for Wickman. Chris Koepfer came to the Wickman headquarters in Coventry, England, to learn about some of the interesting things we are doing.

Chris Barrett, Director, gave a tour of the building, highlighting of our several machines in the build and run-off stage.

One of the machines that caught Chris Koepfer’s eye was the model 675, which stands for six-spindle, 75-mm diameter. As Chris Barrett said, “This is about as far as the technology for Wickman goes. It is a 28-axis machine with CNC and compound axes of all of the cross slides.”

However, what Chris Koepfer found really interesting was the application. Our customer makes electrical connections, which are an assembly comprised of six parts. Each spindle makes one of the parts, so when the machine indexes, a complete assembly is produced. This makes double-drop pale in comparison.

Production Machining Magazine plans to publish a feature article next year to tell their readers about Chris Koepfer’s visit to Wickman.