The government’s development of new opportunities

Right now, the automobile industry in Australia is in a state of turmoil. The recent decision by GM Holden Ltd to wind down its operations in Melbourne and Adelaide comes on the back of decisions by Ford and Toyota to cease production in 2016 and 2017 respectively. There are serious consequences for the supplier base, and for anyone whose job is dependent upon the industry. The political argument rages about whether the Government should have done more, but industry is global now, and there are plenty who believe that pumping public money into the industry has to stop.

The focus of the Government is very much on the development of new opportunities. Their aim is to build an agile and competitive manufacturing base, one that is innovative and diverse so that dependence upon a particular industry is reduced. They are working to promote free trade agreements and schemes like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which should give our component industry access to new markets.

Change is always challenging, and we wouldn’t want to underestimate the difficulties that lie ahead, but our highly-skilled workforce and a determined approach will, in time, give us a much more responsive and flexible manufacturing base.

If you’re considering responding to the changes by restructuring, moving into different markets or by disposing of your machinery, we may be able to help. With our worldwide networks, your surplus assets can become another manufacturer’s new resource. If you’re looking for new plant for a new venture, we can source it. Alongside global plant disposal specialists Liquidity Services, Inc. we can offer everything from a confidential discussion, through valuation to outright purchase. These are unsettling times and the future is uncertain, but we’re optimistic for the longer term. If you are too, you should find our good advice invaluable.

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