Customer Review – Ron Bracalente

There is great satisfaction in knowing your customers are happy. It gives us particular satisfaction when our clients take the time to provide us with their testimonials.

You can see below some feedback we recently received from one of our customers over in America.

When I visited the UK head office and saw the factory in which the machines are built I was impressed not only at the size of the premises, but the number of engineers over there working together to build our machines. The years of expertise and knowledge behind the walls of our machines are what gives Wickman that competitive edge. I was also impressed to learn that Wickman is not only in the UK and the USA, they are truly a global company with a presence in China, India, Brazil, Spain and Australia.

Wickman has been around for a long time and has a great reputation. When I compare Wickman to how it has been in the past, compared to its recent position, I can only describe it to be a company in confident hands. Wickman focuses on installing new technologies and capabilities into their equipment, enabling it to be competitive in the modern marketplace. The price is reasonable and the value of Wickman machinery gives it the power to compete in an ever-growing and ever-changing market.

In regards to the team, I work closely with Jeremy (Wickman USA President), Directors – Chris and Owen, and the technical support team over in the UK and I’d give them all top marks in regards to how helpful and supportive they are. The ordering process is incredibly smooth and even when we made a complex multiple machine order with the company, everyone worked extremely hard to ensure that it all went to plan.

If you want a manufacturer and supplier you can rely on, contact Wickman.”

Ron Bracalente