To meet the needs of progressive production engineering, multi-spindle automatic lathes should be capable of fast-cycle times, easy and rapid changeover, have easy access to the tooling areas and, resulting from efficient utilisation of both machines and tooling, yield a maximum return on investment.

Wickman multi spindle automatic lathes have built-in features which satisfy all of these requirements.

No Cams to Change

On all Wickman multi-spindle automatic lathes the setting of the length of the tool feed strokes is effected by the simple adjustment of the sliding graduated scales of quadrant linking mechanisms. These mechanisms are designed to provide a constant rate of fast approach and return independently of the stroke length setting. The Wickman feature of adjustable stroke length setting obviates the need for standard cam changing.

Interchangeability of Toolholders

To effect the maximum return on investment in multi-spindle automatic lathes and tooling it is essential for tooling to be utilised to the maximum. As a result of the special techniques in manufacture adopted by Wickman in the building of multi-spindle automatics it is possible to interchange toolholders between individual stations on the same machine and perhaps more important, between different machines of the same nominal frame size. Through this facility stocks of toolholders can be maintained at a minimum level consistent with production requirements and are not reg’ulated by the need to stock tool holders for every machine.

High Production

Wickman multi-spindle automatic lathes are designed to suit both the requirements of small! medium batch production in addition to the requirements of high volume production.

By the combination of accelerated nonproductive movements, fast spindle speeds and feeds, consistent accuracy, swarf clearance facilities, reliable fast cycle times are assured. Non-productive movements occasioned by drum indexing, return and approach strokes of the tool slides and bar feeding are accelerated by a fast motion clutch to reduce idle time.

Easy Set-up

To facilitate setting up on the Wickman multi-spindle automatic lathes most machine controls are duplicated at the front and rear of the machine. A manual set trip is provided for the disengagement of the slides in the returned position. There are two push-button stations, each with stop button front and rear, selection switches and start jog push switch. This means the motor can only be started by operation on the side of the machine which has been preselected. To further facilitate setting, machine motions can be speeded up by the engag-ement of a hand lever. The mechanisms controlling collet operation, bar feeding and indexing can be disengaged to allow for repeated “dry cuts” at any station.